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Edmond Plawczyk Interview


On April the 3rd this year Edmond Plawczyk accelerated from 0 to 200 km/h in less than 7 seconds and after riding on a further 435 meters set the new world record in speed snowboarding : 203.275 kmh or 126.234 mph.

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Congratulations again of course and a lot of thanks for answering the exclusive standard interview for freecarvers.com in free form and in english language.

World’s Fastest Snowboarder Edmond Plawczyk

-When I was a child I spent a lot of time in the Atlantic ocean’s waves, next to Biarritz. My mother is born there.
My father is from the Southern Alps, in France. So I’ve done a lot of mountain, and mountaineering.
I just made a combination of My passion : waves, surf & mountain, snow.

-I started speed snowboarding in powder because I liked to draw lines in steep slopes.
one day I met a friend passionate of speed skiing. He told me: at my place there is the fastest speed’s track in the world. The snowboard speed world’s record was 187 km/h. I offer you lodging and meals, and you try ok?

-the first time I’ve learned snowboard. the front foot on the Board, on the flat ..What a joy. Going down a 50-60º slope. fantastic experience.
-big falls…
– first speed on track… I had to learn everything. bindings angles, stance,the hards boots settings.. the air’s discovery.
-snowboarding gives plenty of sensations, which are difficult to explain. There is the difference between snowboard and high speed snowboarding. In high speed snowboarding you must be able to understand every technical details, sensations, feelings, where snowboarding is focused on feelings. If you are not technically ready, when the air becomes very hard (175 km/h) the board rotates like a propeller helicopter… is not the objective…

I had my first world’s record in 1997 (190 km/h)
Then I stopped speed snowboarding in 2000 until 2012 . In 2012 I asked Hansjuerg Kessler to build my boards. He told me ok. then I just paid. (all material, tests in the wind tunnel, engineering) my best friend, a cameraman, made all the pictures

In 2015 I had the chance to find the HAGER company a very good sponsor and very nice company.
Record’s attempts are complicated, because of the permissions, the assurances.
I must be the organiser and the performer of my own events.

The rest of the time I carve on the small ski area of the village where I live (in Switzerland) there, i am happy.

-I love being with my wife and my daughters at the cottage, helping farmers friends, cooking, playing tennis, and I like the sollitude In the mountain.

My Kessler board : 206 cm
Apex plate (hard)
Hard boots UPZ injected
Bindings angles : 70º (front) 65 °
Stance : 50 cm
aerodinamics profiles on the arm for stability
flexible aerodynamics profiles on the legs for the speed.
Aerodinamic Helmet
with a new tossue of my suit, I won more than 10 km/h this year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Birthday : October 10 in 1971

(July 2015 Email Interview)