Bernhard Hoffmann
Bernhard Hoffmann

Some philosophy about the ride . . . share your own.

What is snowboarding all about? What or where is the spirit?

Why did you start to ride? Why are you into freecarving (if so)?

What’s your overall philosophical impression of the sport of snowboarding?

Some have called it an art, some even see religious aspects, some are happy to leave it as a sport.

Some carve, some jump, everyone skids and most riders like powder days.

Some have more than one season pass, some a weekend each season.

Some are happy with their high-end gear, some have used equipment and neon clothes.

Some know all the terms, some don’t know their binding angles.

Some talk about it, some just ride.

Some compete and care about seconds or points, some don’t.

Some are having fun.

. . . or as surfer Mark Richards said about riding on water . . .

“I think it could be anything. I think surfing is one of those wonderful sports where it can be absolutely anything you want it to be. It can be pro surfing, it can be this kind of soulful thing where you go live in the country somewhere and work a few hours a day and surf a few hours and basically hang out and ride waves. Or it can be a guy with three kids who works five days a week and goes to the beach with his family on the weekend and goes for a paddle on his longboard. Within that question, the only thing that bums me out is that for various reasons people tend to come down on people who aren’t doing it their way. Competitive surfers probably think they’re a little more important than recreational surfers. I think a lot of recreational surfers probably think the whole pro thing has sold its soul or whatever. But the way I see it is that it’s such a beautiful sport, such an incredible thing to do, it’s just a little frustrating to see people get down on other people because their take on surfing isn’t the same.”

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