What Is Freecarving?

Olaf TDW Mark

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words and smiling seems to be the most common expression of what freecarving feels like. Anyhow feel free to give it a try and send in your poetic efforts (About).

Alpinboarden ist cool! Oder? Irgendwie scheint diese Frage bei einem guten Turn keinem Freecarver durch den Kopf zu gehen. Woran kann das liegen oder warum ist Freecarven cool? Antworten erbeten (About).

my deck is a brush
i strive for a line
tracing the finest
curve of a sine

scraping in parks
surely does pale
to gracefully riding
the downhill rail

still others rush out
in search of the fluff
ignoring the joys
of carvin’ hard stuff

so don’t run me down!
(you straight-lining dart)
i’m chasing a passion
pursuing an art

~ JoeCarve

It’s a free world out there, not only a freestyle or freeride world. ~ Cordon Baesel in Who is the alpine rider?

carving is massaging the soul with the forces of nature ~ Jack

How about “Carving is fun.” Or, if you want to appeal to the masses, go with “Carving, is, like, way fun, dude.” Or, to appeal to fans of Point Break and Keanu, “Carving is, like, spiritual….or something.” ~ Mirror70

Carving is like Sex … but when did you have last time 8 hours head-banging sex??? ~ McFussel of Frozen-Backside

carving is a bit like masturbating – the most fun one can have by your self ~ Anonymous

carvin’ is like riding a double-edged razor blade ~ Speedy

carving – living on the edge ~ Vahur

hooked on the edge – committed to the edge

POWER ~ Matt D

Zoag wos!

when I get it right it feels like flying ~ Allee

Tiefschnee oder Piste? Richtig! Weil mit einem Freecarveboard beides Spass macht und zum Powdertag bei Schneefall auch noch die Vorfreude auf perfekte Pisten dazukommt :)

On perfect snow, it’s just as much fun as powder. ~ Mark Fawcett

It’s like riding a slingshot from one carve to the next. ~ TDW

harnessing the laws of physics to achieve an adrenaline induced euphoria ~ TDW

My church is not a building, my priest is not a man. My church is a long, wide groomer, my priest the weather, and my god lies within the eternity that arises when you send yourself sailing over a knoll with a perfectly timed transition. ~ Ross

Careful son, watch out for that trench. ~ Ross

No I can’t really do tricks on this board. But you can’t really carve on yours, so it’s all good! ~ Barry

You ride a rail. I rail every ride. ~ Barry

I hate skid marks. ~ Barry

Scrapbook (a poetic one)

Riding. Riding. Riding. ~ Sigi Grabner (quotes from his book)

It doesn’t matter what you’re riding, as long as you’re riding. ~ Bill Danforth

The best feeling I can get is during a long fully laid backside turn. I feel like Superman when my whole body glides trough the snow. This is hard to describe in words, but maybe you have time to get some impressions at www.carver.cc – Stay Deeeeep ~ Olaf

Hell, it’s just plain fun! ~ Mark

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